A digital assets hedge fund with a distributed trader network
Core Infrastructure and In-house Trading
At Ancyra, we develop and enhance our core infrastructure, which is part of a proven successful hedge fund business model, that provides liquidity, data, research and execution, to support our in-house trading as well as our distributed global trader network to maximize returns for our investors.
Distributed Trader Network
A successful digital assets trader is a new class of trader who is based virtually anywhere in the world that works individually or together with fellow traders. That’s why at Ancyra we innovate by building a truly global network of successful traders to trade Ancyra’s funds and deliver an exceptionally diversified investment portfolio, driving our funds growth.
Over the course of the last 8 months, Ancyra has engineered 4 proprietary Algorithms, which have executed over 400 trades and generated 14% return per month. In addition, Ancyra has built a distributed network of 3 independent traders.